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picking focus keywords to find questions

Pick a seed keyword

Make a list of keywords you want to find questions for. These can be competitors' target keywords that you want to outrank or focus topics you have articles planned for. You can also perform content maintenance by updating existing articles and adding questions and answers!

Discover related questions

Within seconds, we crawl several trusted data sources on the web. Then, we build a long list of scored questions related to the keyword for you. We offer you several visualization and export options so you can use these list to build a content marketing plan with your editorial team.

discover questions and autocompletes for a keyword
answer keyword-related questions on your blog

Answer questions on your blog

Whether your decide to pick one or many, you must answer questions affirmatively backed up by authoritative sources. Add some relevant keyword-related questions to existing posts to rank higher. Create new blog posts with a Q&A section to featured in Google's Featured Snippets.

Appear on Google's Featured Snippets

Featured snippets on search engines results pages appear above the results to answer the user's query immediately. Generally, rich snippets appear when a question asked is answer directly on an authoritative website. The more questions you answer, the more chances you get of of appearing in Google's answer boxes.

how to appear on Google's Featured Snippets